First Followers And Building Your Tribe

Anyone who has ever asked a question of their audience knows the nerves associated with awaiting for someone to participate in your audience interaction.  I loved this video from the 2009 Sasquatch Music Festival when I first came across it.   So when Kelsey Libert put together this funny and informative article on viral spread, I […]

4 Core Phases of Marketing Planning => Lead Follow up

There is a lot behind each of the four terms in putting together a marketing communications plan to reach prospects. Core = strategy, understanding your customer persona and customer journey, planning the 3 Cs of B2B marketing communications: channels/ media, content and campaigns.  Build Up = planning and organizing your resources and generally getting ready […]

Marketing Budget by Channel

New research on eCommerce organizations shows social media marketing as the marketing channel second only to email marketing.   SEO rounds out the top three most popular channels being used.  About 50% of the organizations surveyed are investing in mobile marketing; still on the low side given the penetration of SmartPhones and use of the mobile web. […]