The 3 “A”s of Business Metrics

How to avoid metrics that don’t align to business objectives Unfortunately it is all too easy to slip into so called ‘vanity metrics’. Charts and lines that go upwards and to the right but don’t inform sensible business decision making. Test your existing metrics against the three “A”s of good metrics; actionable, accessible and auditable.

Structure Social Media Marketing With These 3 Check Lists

Follow these three lists to structure, brand and execute your social media marketing.  These three checklist each have nine straight-forward items to get you on track. 9 Point Social Media Marketing Strategy Check List  1. Use Social Media to Support Organizational Goals  2. Focus On Your Customers’ Information Need  3. Consider The Entire Customer Journey From Early Awareness […]

Getting Started On A New Social Network

It’s a long time since I was new to a social network.  Having been asked to evaluate the business opportunity of social media in about 2009, I’ve been “socializing” digitally ever since.  During the course of that research, it just so happens that I also had one of those really embarrassing moments in life……      But […]