Composite photography with a notebook with the word 'B2b messaging' overlaid together with a conceptual 'product functionality' image and an arrow showing business to business customers by JEM 9

Articulating Your Value: A Product Messaging Framework

B2B product messaging, the verbiage used to describe your offer, helps prospective customers understand your solution. Populate this B2B Product / Solution Messaging Framework in this handy hierarchy of information for everything you need for website, presentations and other communication needs. Become acquainted with and avoid common B2B messaging problems. Understanding your B2B value proposition […]

A Customer Journey Mapping Workshop Product Camp Dublin by Jane Morgan at JEM 9 Marketing Consultancy (photos by Andrew Harbourne-Thomas

Key Elements Of Customer Journey Maps

Designed to explain customer journey mapping, and inspire product leaders to consider journey mapping, the workshop at ProductCamp Dublin  entitled ‘How To Do Customer Journey Mapping’ worked through the key element of journey maps. Customer persona, journey statements, journey phases and questions, touchpoints and channels were looked at in turn.

How To Conduct Qualitative Face To Face Usability - On Moz by Jane Morgan of JEM 9 Marketing Consultancy

How To Do Face To Face Usability Testing

Some website and product development teams think usability testing a waste of time.  But never after they’ve done it. Other research methods are about ‘how many’ (market size) or ‘future desirable features’ but usability tests if your offer meets users’ needs.  Doing usability ‘face to face’ gives an unparalleled opportunity to understand ‘why’ customers are doing […]