composite photographic image consisting of 3 frames, each arrow-shaped and with a text overlay. Facing left, the market arrow with over a group of obscured people. Facing right and located on the top: the second largest arrow says: Value prop over a digital blue abstract image. The smallest arrow, also facing right and located on the bottom right is a solid green with text, alternative offers. It's a bright and upbeat composition.

Scoping Your B2B Value Proposition

A simple, yet comprehensive guide to frame your organizational energy, your solution development and messaging. Read this before commencing work on articulating B2B product messaging (the actual words). Developing your value proposition is grounded in three elements: customer needs, your solution, and alternative offers. It’s about making strategic decisions and aligning organizational energy around those […]

Learning From Startups - JEM 9 Marketing Consultancy

Learning Innovation From Successful Startups

Because innovation is not just for startups. Are you are looking to move the balance of revenue away from existing towards new innovative solutions?  Or perhaps operationally you’re in great shape but are looking to the future.  But building something new is fundamentally different from operational excellence. So with so much focus on technology, startups and […]

Jane At The Customer Journey Mapping Framework at 3XE Digital

Customer Journey Mapping Workshop at 3XE Digital

At 3XE Digital the goal is to educate and promote forward thinking and thought leadership. With customer love, dear to her heart, Jane choose a Valentine’s Day theme to the 3XE Customer Journey Mapping Workshop. All too often we fall in love with our solution (or preferred marketing media), losing customers on the winding road […]

B2B Marketing Technology Landscape – A Market Map Example

With 3,874 marketing technology solution providers, the marketing technology landscape map, by, maps the ecosystem of marketing technology, the marketing tech stack.  For strategic marketing learning, let’s consider the market map from two different perspective. 1). Which tools may enable and improve your marketing? 2). Consider how Chiefmartec grouped and organized the different offers […]