The Most Versatile Planning Technique Ever: 3 Lists

Do more, do less, keep doing.  That’s it: three simple lists. This technique is elegance itself.  You can use it following a major project to brainstorm lessons learnt or to identify quick wins following Voice of the Customer research. It also works very well for scoping your personal New Year’s resolutions, or digging deep on […]

B2B Marketing Technology Landscape – A Market Map Example

With 3,874 marketing technology solution providers, the marketing technology landscape map, by, maps the ecosystem of marketing technology, the marketing tech stack.  For strategic marketing learning, let’s consider the market map from two different perspective. 1). Which tools may enable and improve your marketing? 2). Consider how Chiefmartec grouped and organized the different offers […]

SmartPhone Usage Ireland: Mobile Market Opportunity & Segmentation

A Practical Guide To Understanding The Mobile Market Opportunity in Ireland Seventy percent of online revenue in Ireland goes to a business abroad.  23% of Irish marketers say they are without a mobile marketing strategy (Marketing Institute of Ireland). Now while I don’t subscribe to the concept of a ‘mobile marketing strategy’, marketers are not yet serving the needs of […]