Composite photography with a notebook with the word 'B2b messaging' overlaid together with a conceptual 'product functionality' image and an arrow showing business to business customers by JEM 9

Articulating Your Value: A Product Messaging Framework

B2B product messaging, the verbiage used to describe your offer, helps prospective customers understand your solution. Populate this B2B Product / Solution Messaging Framework in this handy hierarchy of information for everything you need for website, presentations and other communication needs. Become acquainted with and avoid common B2B messaging problems. Understanding your B2B value proposition […]


Minimalist Checklist For Good SEO Articles / Posts

Find out the absolute minimum you need to know in order to ensure your articles, blog posts or case studies are ready for Google, i.e. ‘search engine optimized’ (SEO) AND ready for your readers. So you have an article written and it fits the minimum length of approximately 300 words. Perhaps it is already published. […]

GDPR Resources List

GDPR Resource List For B2B Technology Organizations

GDPR is about accountability for how your organization uses personal data.  GDPR is not applicable to anonymous data or information that is not personally identifiable. It is about being responsible and complying with EU regulations.  It’s also sensible, good business practice.  This article is a set of resources to help demystifying GDPR for B2B SME […]

B2B Content Marketing Research: Considerations For B2B Marketing Content

What Content Do Your B2B Prospects Want? Research on the type, timing and delivery of B2B content your prospects want through the customer journey, continues to improve.  What does research tell us about content types that generates the best leads? 7 Research Facts For B2B Content Marketing 13 Prompts To Improve Your B2B Content Marketing Improve […]