Structure Social Media Marketing With These 3 Check Lists

Follow these three lists to structure, brand and execute your social media marketing.  These three checklist each have nine straight-forward items to get you on track.

9 Point Social Media Marketing Strategy Check List

JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 1. Use Social Media to Support Organizational Goals
JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 2. Focus On Your Customers’ Information Need
JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 3. Consider The Entire Customer Journey From Early Awareness Through Post-Sales Support
JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 4. Integrate Social Media Marketing Into Current & Future Marketing Campaigns
JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 5. Develop Your Content Marketing Plan With Social Media In Mind
JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 6. Use Mobile-Compatible Content Appropriate for the Social Network
JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 7. Identify Your Calls To Action
JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 8. Drive Readers / Followers To Your Website, Digital Marketing Central.
JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 9. Track AND Take Action Using Appropriate Metrics

9 Tips For Tactical Social Media

JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 1. Take Time to Listen
JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 2. Remember There’s a Real Person Behind That Avatar
JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 3. Get to Grips with the Specifics of Your Chosen Social Network
JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 4. Communicate with Those Who Like or Comment On Your Posts
JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 5. Address Prospects Questions
JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 6. Find Your First Followers Via Similar Interests (Topics and Influencers)
JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 7. Be ‘A Good Citizen’ of Your Social Community
JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 8. Dive into the World of Social Media Tools
JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 9. Remember Social Media Is Free As Long As Your Time Is Worth Nothing

9 Social Media Branding Reminders

JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 1. It’s About YOUR Audience
JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 2. Focus On Social Networks Relevant For YOUR Customer Personas
JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 3. Be Visually Consistent
JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 4. Be Immediately Recognizable
JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 5. Communicate In A Tone That Reflects Your Brand
JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 6. Check What Social Media Profile Names Are Available
JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 7. Choose Consistency In Social Profile Names
JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 8. Test New Social Profiles on Mobile Devices
JEM-9-Marketing-Consultant-Logo 9. Test New Social Profiles on Desktop Devices

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With 20+ years high-tech marketing & product development experience from Boston to Billund, Berlin to Bangalore, Jane has managed teams and tech products with millions of installs, and millions of revenue (annually). She's researched and developed market strategy for global markets, and established the blueprint for product management in many new teams. As an intrapreneur turned entrepreneur, she changed vowels in 2014 and founded JEM 9 Marketing Consultancy. Today she works with CEOs & business leaders to assist them in understanding and reaching customers. Speaker on market research, technology marketing and product management.