"Web page content for SEO"

Webpage Content For SEO

A set of visual resources to get you grounded quickly in the core concepts of search engine optimization (SEO) focused on what each of your individual website pages needs.

The Top 4 Webpage SEO Ranking Factors

  1. Content:
    • your copy (including headlines and anchor text),
    • images and
    • anything else on the page for readers, including how this content is organized.
  2. Links Into Your Site (Backlinks)
  3. Mobile First User Experience
  4. Other Technical SEO Factors

The Content Your Web Page Needs

This aspect of attempting to rank in search engines is entirely in your control. Make good use of it.

  1. Copy – at least 300 words; Google needs enough content to figure out what the page is about.  Longer content typically performs better in search engines. Be guided by what you want to achieve with each specific page for each customer persona; make your readers glad they found you. (Maybe this article is too long and you just want a minimal checklist website posts.
  2. Images – ideally 3 with meta data (not keyword stuffing) so search engines which are “visually impaired” can ‘read’ your images. (You are also making the internet a more-friendly place for visually impaired humans.)
  3. Links – what will your reader want to do next; how can you address their information needs?  Provide clear sign posts, links, of where to go next. This includes specific ‘Calls To Action’ (CTAs), such as downloading a white paper or linking to a related case study. Any links to external sites should be set to open in a new tab.
  4. Information Architecture – organize the three elements above into a good page layout; an easy to comprehend hierarchy and clear sections.  Many readers scan first to see if they page delivers the information they seek.

SEO On Page Topic Targeting From Moz

The Content Your Website Needs

Overtime the content on your website starts to have themes. (WordPress uses categories and tags for your content hubs.) More pages on ‘customer journey mapping‘ means your site starts to look like a ‘customer journey mapping site’.

The Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors

Search Engine Land Periodic Table of SEO 2013

Developed by Search Engine Land Used With Permission

More On-Page SEO Resources

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There’s more from SEO experts on what they see as critical factors, not just for a web page but for your entire site, in Moz’s bi-annual research the report on search ranking factors and from  Search Engine Journal

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