Market Research – Select Previous Projects

Understanding how you will use the output of market research, greatly informs the preparation and usefulness of market research.  Unfortunately it’s all too common that the output of market research is not actionable; lots of data and no information.

Gain actionable information by focusing firstly on your desired outcomes, the information you need to inform decisions, and secondly on the market research technique used.

 Gain Actionable Information

  • Project managed multidisciplinary research projects across various US demographics with an external agency using in-depth interviews, video interviews, personal notebooks and conjoint analysis resulting in innovative consumer product concepts and business case development.
  • Carried out primary and secondary research on numerous projects and products for technology B2B and B2C offers using focus groups, surveys as well as desktop research including;
    • structuring and facilitating a 2 day focus group with CIOs of leading US and global banks, and hosting companies to enable understanding of customer needs and their existing IT management processes.
    • analysing market size, segmentation, competitive capabilities and customer problems / needs resulting in new strategy and product roadmap for a global offering.
  • Designed, facilitated and taught teams how to use various data analytics methods such, as web analytics, A/B testing and face to face usability testing, to understand customer experience.

“Jane is full of energy and creativity. She easily assembles data from a variety of sources into targeted information for the business. She is very in tune with customer needs, always on the lookup for improvements. With Jane’s ability to easily see through layers of fog, her skills in focusing on real customer problems has become legendary throughout the company. I highly recommend Jane!

David Smith
VP of Software Engineering at SpectorSoft

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