Content Marketing

Marketing Messaging & Content Marketing

  • Developed content marketing plan based on keyword and competitive research with foundational content themes and a strategic content plan.
  • Developed blog content calendar aligned to customer personas.
  • Designed and delivered face-to-face and on-demand marketing strategy and product training materials for internal and external audiences.
  • Conceived digital interactive sales tool which was a finalist in the iF Communications Design competition.
  • Wrote numerous articles, press releases, white papers and product release presentations.
  • Oversaw graphic design for web, print and marketing tool content.

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Website Development

  • Managed various web site restructuring projects for product messaging and marketing content
  • Directed development of online software downloads platform.
  • Co-developed brand new next-generation consumer software
  • Introduced prioritized web release process to improve SEO and conversion rates
  • Introduced A/B website testing to ensure good user experience and on-schedule releases
  • Implemented goal-driven approach to web analytics providing transparency to lead generation efforts via Google Analytics

Jane has experience with development in both an agile (scrum) and waterfall environments

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