One Rich Day – Season’s Greetings

This year JEM 9 made a small contribution to the Irish Refugee Council.
Once A Year:

  • read 10 Simple Things (Right now I am thinking about number 6 and made some progress on 8. You’ll ‘fulfill’ number 10 when you watch this next one.
  • watch quietly for a slow 9 minutes (You do have 9 minute to invest in yourself, don’t you?)
  • find wealth in 3 minutes here  (This one is new this year.)
If you have a favourite (or favorite) piece that inspires you, I’d love to hear it.
 => Wishing you richness in 2019 and today
……..a really good day
If you found these pieces useful, consider bookmarking them for January next year.

From Dec 2017

In lieu of sending cards I chose to make a small contribution to the Simon House Of Cards at this time of year. Thanks a million for your encouragement.
Two small ‘gifts’: one for your soul and one for your business. (If you choose only one, choose your soul.)
Magic By Post – 9 Minutes For Your Soul By Louie Schwartzberg I make a note to watch this one at least once a year.
Wishing You Peace & Joy

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