Social Media Marketing Audit

Get started or take stock of existing social media marketing efforts with an analytic approach.  Tailored to your business goals the JEM 9 Social Media Marketing Audit answers the following questions. Alternatively use these questions as your own social media audit template.

“I am really thrilled with the customer persona detail and the targeted ‘hard info’ [in the social media marketing audit].”
CEO, B2C Health / Fitness Startup

How Is Social Media Marketing Contributing To Business Goals?

  • How are your existing social media marketing efforts contributing to business goals?
  • What’s the contribution of social media versus your other marketing channels?
  • What’s the most interesting content for your social audience?
  • The audit includes a Google Analytics Social Media Marketing Dashboard for on-going assessment of the return on your marketing investment.

“33% of social networking site users follow companies or brand on social networks.”

Where Should You Be On Social?

  • What’s the potential market size on social media?
  • Who’s already aware of your offering / presence on social media?
  • Where are your prospects on social media?

Social Media Marketing Audit: Choosing Appropriate Social Networks. % of online adults who use Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter

Auditing Marketing Content for Social Media

  • What content themes are of interest to your followers & prospects?
  • What type of content resonates for competing organizations?
  • What social media marketing content drive engagement?

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“Up to 80% of interactions on social networks come via mobile devices. This number continues to grow with SmartPhone market penetration and mobile internet usage.”

Social Media Benchmark / Competitive Assessment

  • How many followers / fans do you and competing organizations have?
  • How are your competitors using social media marketing?
  • What kind of engagement do competitors experience?

“Facebook had 968 million daily active users on average.”                     June 2015

“Facebook has 1.3 billion daily active users.”
June 2017

Moving Forward With Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Audit - Website Sessions From Social Networks - JEM 9 Marketing Consultant

  • Which social networks are appropriate for your customer persona?
  • What should you do next to engage with potential customers on social network?
  • What kind of marketing results can you target?

Social Media Audit Results

Comprehensive Report Covering Up To Three Of Your Social Media Presences

  • Analysis Of Social Media Impact: Content, Awareness, Engagement
  • Competitive / Benchmark Assessment For 2-3 Organizations
  • Recommended Social Media Marketing Network, Metrics / Targets & Content Themes
  • Skype Meeting Presentation To Discuss Recommendations
  • Includes FREE Google Analytics Social Media Marketing Dashboard

“75% of IT decision makers are using social media as part of their buying process.” – IBM Worldwide Study

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=> Get Social Media Marketing Audit

Social Media Marketing Audit