B2B Marketing Consultancy Services

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Consultancy Services To Help You Better Understand B2B Technology Customers & Markets

Set yourself up for success with greater understanding of customers and your market space.

Using a market and customer-centric lens ensures a fact-based approach to learning.  Working together we’ll use existing data sources, involve your team and stakeholders, explore new data sources, and undertake market research.

=> Gain A Better Understanding of B2B Technology Customers

"Jane is full of energy and creativity. She easily assembles data from a variety of sources into targeted information for the business." Dave Smith, Global Software Engineering Manager.
Techniques For Understanding B2B Customers

Jane’s approach to understanding B2B customers were developed at MIT, fine-tuned at the Center for Quality Management Boston, and subjected to industry rigour by technology leaders including Bose, American Power Conversion and GE. She couples these proven research methods with research-based techniques for improving creativity, innovation and change, solid project management skills, and a personable approach. Serving customers is at the center of all approaches.

“Many clients are at different levels of sophistication. Jane does a great job at assessing and then providing the right level of services.”

Irish FinTech Startup Client

=> Gain A Better Understanding of B2B Technology Customers

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Reaching B2B Technology Customers

Marketing Services To Help You Better Reach B2B Technology Customers

All marketing communications is made up of the 3Cs: content, channels and campaigns.  A structured approach with tested frameworks and metrics enables you to learn what works for your business goals whether you are focused on lead generation, lead nurturing or communicating with existing customers.

The Golden Rule of marketing communications to reach customers is =>

Go Where Your Customers Are.

  • Content Marketing Analysis:
    • Audit the effectiveness of your current marketing content, whether it’s content on your ‘digital marketing central, your website, or marketing collateral, such as case studies and other sales tools.
    • Develop a plan to address customer questions across the sales cycle.
  • Channels of Communication:
    • Identify where to reach your prospects and influencers.  The golden rule is to go where your prospects are combined with marketing analytics for measurement
    • Digital Media Marketing Audit: conduct a deep dive on the current state of your digital B2B marketing communications.
    • Social Media Marketing Audit : conduct a deep dive on the social media opportunity for your B2B market segment.
  • Campaigns: bringing together marketing content and channel of communications, campaigns bring together these critical components and your business objectives.
    • Lead Generation: finding new prospective customers.
    • Lead Nurturing: keeping in contact and on the radar of prospects you know.
    • Customer Loyalty: fulfilling the on-going information needs of existing customers including making them aware of new products and more.

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