Glorious Marketing Metrics

“Without metrics there can be no glory!”

How do marketing metrics inspire you?

Which of your teams, campaigns or media deserve the glory?  Where is further investment warranted?  At whose expense is that additional investment?

If you’re not tracking business efforts how will you know to whom the glory should go?

JEM 9 Marketing Metrics

Wondering where to start with marketing metrics? How about =>  concepts to align marketing metrics with business goals.

About Jane Morgan

With 20+ years high-tech marketing & product development experience from Boston to Billund, Berlin to Bangalore, Jane has managed teams and tech products with millions of installs, and millions of revenue (annually). She's researched and developed market strategy for global markets, and established the blueprint for product management in many new teams. As an intrapreneur turned entrepreneur, she changed vowels in 2014 and founded JEM 9 Marketing Consultancy. Today she works with CEOs & business leaders to assist them in understanding and reaching customers. Speaker on market research, technology marketing and product management.