How To Conduct Qualitative Face To Face Usability - On Moz by Jane Morgan of JEM 9 Marketing Consultancy

How To Do Face To Face Usability Testing

Some website and product development teams think usability testing a waste of time.  But never after they’ve done it.

Other research methods are about ‘how many’ (market size) or ‘future desirable features’ but usability tests if your offer meets users’ needs.  Doing usability ‘face to face’ gives an unparalleled opportunity to understand ‘why’ customers are doing what they do.

Observing website visitors /prospective customers taking your solution for a test drive, is a fantastic way to learn and gain empathy with your target audience.  To give your prospects the best experience, do usability testing before launch.  Fresh eyes on your existing offer /presentation also yields lots of learning.

Step By Step Guide On ‘How To’ Do Face to Face Usability Testing

Inspired by a discussion at ProductCamp Dublin, this ‘how to’ process article and a desire to dispel the fear of doing usability testing, Jane’s article on Moz provides a step-by-step guide to successfully do  face-to-face usability testing.

It’s for anyone who:

  1. Wants to develop elegant solutions to customer problems.
  2. Is willing to invest a little time in working with customers.
  3. Is not interested in looking foolish.

Included is a free Download of the JEM 9 User Testing Observation Spreadsheet Template.

Doing Face To Face Usability Testing

This presentation from ProductCamp Dublin answer questions about doing usability testing including:

  • How Do You Choose What To Test?
  • When Should You Do Usability Testing?
  • Who Do You Need For Usability Testing?
  • How Should The Testing Location Be Set Up?
  • How Do You Collect Data & Measure Usability?
  • And How Do You Analyse The Usability Output?

Further Resources For Successful Face To Face Usability

For assistance doing usability testing, get in touch with Jane?

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