composite photographic image consisting of 3 frames, each arrow-shaped and with a text overlay. Facing left, the market arrow with over a group of obscured people. Facing right and located on the top: the second largest arrow says: Value prop over a digital blue abstract image. The smallest arrow, also facing right and located on the bottom right is a solid green with text, alternative offers. It's a bright and upbeat composition.

Scoping Your B2B Value Proposition

A simple, yet comprehensive guide to frame your organizational energy, your solution development and messaging. Read this before commencing work on articulating B2B product messaging (the actual words). Developing your value proposition is grounded in three elements: customer needs, your solution, and alternative offers. It’s about making strategic decisions and aligning organizational energy around those […]

Composite photography with a notebook with the word 'B2b messaging' overlaid together with a conceptual 'product functionality' image and an arrow showing business to business customers by JEM 9

Articulating Your Value: A Product Messaging Framework

B2B product messaging, the verbiage used to describe your offer, helps prospective customers understand your solution. Populate this B2B Product / Solution Messaging Framework in this handy hierarchy of information for everything you need for website, presentations and other communication needs. Become acquainted with and avoid common B2B messaging problems. Understanding your B2B value proposition […]