Digital Media Awards 2016 Sponsored by Accenture Digital Ireland

Best Conversion Strategy Finalist | Accenture Digital Media Awards

The goal of the Accenture Digital Media Awards is to showcase new digital developments, and to celebrate those companies, organisations and communities who are contributing to the sector’s rapid evolution.

Accenture Digital Media Awards

The awards are recognised as the industry benchmark of excellence, attracting the attention of key players in the digital media industry each year. It’s nice to think that great work by small organizations like JEM 9 Marketing Consultancy is finding a way to break through, and making a difference for my clients.

I love data. I have been accused, and found quilty, of an obsession with marketing analytics. Chocolate; not so much.  But what about a yummy piece of huge cupcake?

Best Conversion Strategy

Business leaders and potential clients ask the meaning of ‘conversion rates’. Definitions include: “percentage of users who take a desired action”.

More practically this may mean the percentage who;

  • click on an ad,
  • visit your website from a social media post or
  • download a whitepaper.

Really there is only one way to define a marketing conversion: revenue / eCommerce / sales / money / moola / dosh /readies.  Ideally from a satisfied repeat customer.

Conversions Through The Customer Journey

But the real world is more complex with lots of little “microconversions”, steps, on the customer journey from awareness through consideration of alternatives to a decision.   You may be in love with your offering, but before your customers decide, they firstly become aware of your offering, then consider the pros and cons, and then alternatives (including ‘doing nothing’).

At each step on the customer journey there is an opportunity to optimize, to improve. How can you answer questions better?  Better examples, better headlines, better customer testimonials, best demos……….

Keep focused on the end goal, the conversion, while appreciating both the customer and their journey.

Admittedly that was the calmer version of events. The excited version looked more like this.

JEM 9 Best Conversion Strategy Project For Cara Mara

The Cara Mara luxury seaweed baths project was about driving awareness of an innovative new offer while considering the customer journey beyond the initial ad click.

Best Conversion Strategy | JEM 9 Marketing Consultancy For Cara Mara Seaweed Baths Accenture Digital Media Awards Finalist

The project brought together various marketing communication channels; Facebook advertising and an email marketing list, with detailed website analytics and Facebook analytics.

The results; smart decision through the customer journey from initial awareness, to consideration on the website, and a cost comparison of paid social versus other digital marketing channels.

Many thanks to Cara Mara’s founder Richard McManus for enabling me to share the project.

Digital Media Awards Grand Prix Winner 2015

Around here we also happen to be fans of last year’s overall winner of the Digital Media Awards Grand Prix. MyMilkman  by Dublin design agency Frontend does everything you’d expect.  Don’t you love it when that happens.

Congratulations to all my fellow Accenture Digital Media Award Finalists.

Digital Media Awards 2016 Sponsored by Accenture Digital Ireland




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