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B2B Landing Page Conversion Rates

“Don’t Change It: Test It!”

Are your B2B landing page conversion rate amazing or abysmal?

How do you know?

No-one is at the same place in your industry/company development/team maturity/product technology/market penetration/competitive environment as you. You are unique. Here’s an overview to guide your thinking.

Benchmark Landing Page Conversion Rates

  • Good conversion rate 2-5% (Wordstream)
  • Average landing page conversion rate is 4%, (Unbounce) or 2.5% (Wordstream)
  • Mean landing page conversion rate is 3 to 5.5% (Unbounce)
  • Typical range reaches from 0 – 27% (Unbounce)
  • Top quarter are converting at 5.31%
  • Top 10% have conversion rates above 11% (Wordstream) enabled by multi-channel campaigns.

With the exception of the last bullet, that data above focuses on landing pages. Those landing pages with conversion rate above 11% are part of overall, multi-channel campaigns.

“Landing pages are always part of your marketing content and channel ecosystem.”

Improving Conversion Rating Optimization

So how do you improve landing page conversion rates? Let’s look at two aspects: great landing pages and testing.

Inspiration For Landing Pages

In addition to the three suggestions below, based on this criteria I like to make my own list for each industry/client:

  • Competitors
  • Industry norms / leaders
  • Regional norms
  • Branding and company positioning
  • Customer Persona
  • Customer Journey Stage
  • Product / Offer (note that product is last)

A/B Testing To Improve Conversion Rates

A/B testing tool are a common digital data tool. A/B testing (or split testing) means that customers experience two different version of the same campaign, website landing page or an element of the page, to identify which converts more prospects.

Optimization is enhanced by better understanding customers and, particularly, ‘where’ and ‘when’ on the customer journey your prospects are ready to become leads. A/B Testing can’t tell you ‘why’ one page works better than another but you will learn which page performs better.

After using a website, A/B testing is very useful digital data tool. Perhaps you already have ahave built-in test options. For example if you use forms on your website, that form-element may well have indeed, different forms have different conversion rates.

Tools To Get Started With A/B Testing

Further Resources For Improving B2B Landing Page Conversion Rates

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About Jane Morgan

With 20+ years high-tech marketing & product development experience from Boston to Billund, Berlin to Bangalore, Jane has managed teams and tech products with millions of installs, and millions of revenue (annually). She's researched and developed market strategy for global markets, and established the blueprint for product management in many new teams. As an intrapreneur turned entrepreneur, she changed vowels in 2014 and founded JEM 9 Marketing Consultancy. Today she works with CEOs & business leaders to assist them in understanding and reaching customers. Speaker on market research, technology marketing and product management.