Customer Testimonials

On Understanding Customers

“The team find Jane accessible, approachable and easy to work with.  The final analysis made a lot of sense: it’s what I heard during the ‘voice of the customer’ interviews.”

Assistant Director of Customer Experience
iSolutions IT Services

“Jane is full of energy and creativity. She easily assembles data from a variety of sources into targeted information for the business.

She is very in tune with customer needs, always on the lookup for improvements. With Jane’s ability to easily see through layers of fog, her skills in focusing on real customer problems has become legendary throughout the company. I highly recommend Jane.”

VP of Software Engineering

On Developing Marketing Strategy

Jane Morgan will professionally organize collaborators to:

  • develop a marketing strategy and
  • detailed implementation plan that
  • aligns with the objectives of the business sponsor.

Jane’s experience leading successful innovation and conceptualization projects gives her a unique ability to add new insights and creative (and fun) methods to any marketing workshop.

Vice President, Home & Business Networks
APC by Schneider Electric

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On Getting Things Done

“I have worked with Jane for years and she has not only been a pleasure to work with but has helped to make me, and others around me, very successful.

To summarize: Smart – Gets things done – A very motivated high achiever who puts the Customer, then the Company, then the Group, before herself, in that order…”

Online Marketing Thought Leader

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On Working With High Tech B2B Companies

Patricia Nealon, Director Of Marketing, SynapSense

Jane increased our leads from social by 400%.  She is very easy to work with, has great judgement, discretion, and gets results.”

Director Of Marketing, SynapSense Corporation

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“Many clients are at different levels of sophistication. Jane does a great job at assessing and then providing the right level of services.”

B2C FinTech Client

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On Working Innovatively

(even occasionally inventing words……)

“Aside from knowing both her products and her customers inside/out, Jane has a rare ability to think visually and to suggest innovative graphic solutions that added to the customer’s understanding of the products or solutions.

She also visualized, and then executed, an interactive presentation to introduce a new product to the company, using full-scale models of servers in racks to demonstrate how the new product worked …. most presentations are just PowerPoints, it was so unusual, immediate, and understandable that it remains the most memorable product presentation I have ever seen,

and a very good example of her exceptional communication ability.”

Director of Communication Operations
Global Marketing Schneider Electric

On Working With Teams

“Jane explains concepts in an easy to understand manner. [She] runs workshops in a way that all are involved, ….. understand[s] the context of the environment and the customers within it, quickly and thoroughly.”

Team Member
IT Service Organization

“My experience in working with Jane has been via cross-functional teams. She is a person that demonstrates focus, high energy and great marketing skills. Jane’s contributions and input have proven to be valuable to our organization and to me personally.”

Global Strategic Alliance Director,
APC and Schneider Electric’s IT Business Unit

On Awards & Innovation

Technology Patents

Together with wonderful smart, open-minded and creative collaborators, these new technologies and methods are making the world a little better =>

Accenture Digital Media Awards 2016 – Finalist “Best Conversion Strategy

Accenture Digital Media Awards 2016

Facebook advertising and an email marketing list are brought together with detailed website and Facebook analytics.  The results; smart decision through the customer journey from Facebook to the Cara Mara website and a comparison of paid social versus other digital marketing channels / media.  This project was selected as a finalist in the Accenture Digital Media Awards 2016.

iF Communications Design – Finalist

“From interface and website design to the design of trade fair exhibition stands: there is
a broad range of communication design disciplines”. Online interactive product demonstration tool was a finalist in the competition which honors (and honours) “extraordinary quality and excellent design”.

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