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Better understanding customers leads to stronger business results.

Working with ambitious B2B business leaders, Jane works to embed practical customer-centric & market-centric perspectives in teams.   Jane is resourceful, passionate and organized: a business professional with 20 years industrial technology experience and deep skills in; market research, product development and strategy development.

She’s a consultant with Enterprise Ireland’s Strategic Marketing Review.

‘Voice of the Customer’ Workshop Preparation

Working with global teams from Boston to Billund, Paris to Providence, and Berlin to Bengaluru, Jane learnt her trade at a NASDAQ market leader.  Jane’s clients include a data center management solution vendor, supply chain solution manufacturers, an IT service organization, an industrial component designer and a global leader in 3D innovations.

Jane Presenting At WIT on Marketing Web Analytics
Jane Presenting At Waterford Institute of Technology.

“I have worked with Jane for years and she has not only been a pleasure to work with but has helped to make me, and others around me, very successful. To summarize: Smart – Gets things done – A very motivated high achiever who puts the Customer, then the Company, then the Group, before herself, in that order…”

Ted Ives     
Online Marketing Thought Leader


Co-author of several patents, she’s passionate about innovation, technology and improving customer experience. 

She founded JEM9.com in 2014 to assist B2B business leaders to better understand markets and reach customers.

Jane Morgan Dressed As Vulkan

Jane considers herself a geek girl (the vulcan variety). Apparently she has a sense of humor (humour), and can spell both sides of the Atlantic.  She enjoys reading, is an advocate for gender equality and is seriously addicted to learning.  From 2016 through 2018 Jane led the voluntary ProductCamp Dublin team, the largest one day gathering of the product management community in Ireland. She is a Director of Parents Plus.

I work with ambitious business leaders to help them better understand and reach customers. Would your business benefit from collaborating with an experienced B2B global technology marketer?

Let’s talk about growing your business.

Jane Morgan
JEM 9 Marketing
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