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B2B Landing Page Conversion Rates

“Don’t Change It: Test It!” Are your B2B landing page conversion rate amazing or abysmal? How do you know? No-one is at the same place in your industry/company development/team maturity/product technology/market penetration/competitive environment as you. You are unique. Here’s an overview to guide your thinking.


Minimalist Checklist For Good SEO Articles

Find out the absolute minimum you need to know in order to ensure your articles, blog posts or case studies are ready for Google, i.e. ‘search engine optimized’ (SEO) and readers. So you have an article written and it fits the minimum length of approximately 300 words. Perhaps it is already published. But does it […]

Product Positioning – ‘Customer Value’ Frameworks & Messaging

Frameworks, are useful for product management roadmap and development planning, product positioning and value proposition, product pricing, and for structuring marketing communications.  Here are a variety of way to organize your product features that put your prospective customer at the center.   To get started, explore the practical suggestions that follow on from the frameworks. […]