A photo collage of market research data sources for business

B2B Market Research Data Sources

Finding market research data to answer your business questions is easier than you think. Irrespective of what market research methods, tools or techniques you’re using, these accessible B2B data sources will help you better understand and, ultimately reach, your B2B prospects. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how many are readily available and quick to access.  Some […]

How To Conduct Qualitative Face To Face Usability - On Moz by Jane Morgan of JEM 9 Marketing Consultancy

How To Do Face To Face Usability Testing

Some website and product development teams think usability testing a waste of time.  But never after they’ve done it. Other research methods are about ‘how many’ (market size) or ‘future desirable features’ but usability tests if your offer meets users’ needs.  Doing usability ‘face to face’ gives an unparalleled opportunity to understand ‘why’ customers are doing […]