Understand And Reach B2B Technology Customers

Are you a business leader who would benefit from technology marketing knowledge to coach and position your B2B technology SME organization for sustained competitive advantage?

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Get professional advice and practical assistance with Jane’s 20+ years of B2B international technology marketing management experience.

On the basis of a partnership built on trust, Jane Morgan at JEM 9 Marketing Consultancy works with you over several months to improve your organization’s ability to better understand and reach customers. A key focus is on developing a customer-centric mindset across your organization.

“With Jane’s ability to easily see through layers of fog, her skills in focusing on real customer problems has become legendary … I highly recommend Jane.”

David Smith
VP of Software Engineering
SpectorSoft (now Veriato).

Understanding B2B Technology Customers & Markets

Understanding customers lights a fire under your market and business strategy, product development and marketing communications efforts.  Understanding customers warms and informs market strategy from the fuzzy front-end of new product development, through product launch and beyond to reaching customers.

Market and customer research enlightens the road to profitability by focusing on; your offer, understanding real customer problems, and on those markets where you can win. Your B2B technology customers, the future users of your offer, are embedded in a market place. The three key elements required to understand your market are; customer need, the market space and alternatives to your offers, including competitors.

A Framework for Understanding Markets. Include 3 aspects. 1). Customer  - Customer Personas  Ecosystem, 3Rs: responsibility, risk, reward Customer Journey Maps 2). Market Analysis - Market Trends Market Size & Segmentation  and 3). Competitive Analysis - Competing / Alternative Solutions Market Map / Landscape Market Share (versus competitors) Competitor Company Analysis Alternative Solution Analysis

Assignments to understand B2B technology customers and your market include:

  • Overarching market strategy development.
  • Learning about customers needs by researching and developing B2B customer persona.
  • Sizing the market opportunity including consideration of market place changes and segments.
  • Exploring competitors’ positioning, offers and marketing communication.
  • Identifying, prioritizing and filling gaps in understanding the customer journey to purchase.
  • Working with your people to better message the value you provide to customers.
  • Exploring pricing and revenue models that align your offer, your ambition and market need.
  • Focusing on fulfilling customer needs by establishing cross-team processes from product development through to customer retention.
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Reaching B2B Technology Customers – 3Cs of Marketing Communications

Investing in the right marketing content, channels (the mix of events, email, social media, advertising,  public relations, etc.) and campaigns allows you to reach your B2B technology customers where they are in the most cost effective way. Do you have the right marketing communication capabilities, processes and goals in place?

JEM 9 B2B Consultancy Marketing Communications Channel Mix

B2B technology marketing content assignment include:

  • Scope the marketing content needed to answer your prospective customer questions.
  • Create answers that guide and support prospects on the journey from awareness, to preference and and purchase, through to loyalty.  
  • Developing your “digital marketing central”, aka your website.
    • Your website is the single most important aspect of B2B technology marketing communications and, typically, a corner stone of commercial success.

B2B technology marketing channel assignments include:

  • Developing your organizational capabilities to select and use winning communications channels with practical considering of available resources and skills.
  • Establishing marketing communication processes to effectively reach B2B technology clients.
  • Setting up marketing metrics to enable your organization to make informed decisions about what works and focus future communication investment.
  • Establishing accountability for brand awareness, lead generation and lead nurturing.

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JEM 9 Marketing Consultancy Approach

Solving real customer needs is at the heart of great B2B technology marketing.

Jane guides you towards developing a winning, customer-centric market strategy. Invest in the development of your business based on your ambition, your current capabilities, your customers, your market context, and your existing solution delivery capabilities (from product development through marketing communications to sales, customer on-boarding and after-sales customer service).

JEM 9 Marketing Consultancy | The Heart Of Marketing

Whether you need strategic direction on which product path to pursue, assistance understanding customers or to need to improve your B2B digital marketing communications, Jane‘s technology skills help you with:

Whether you need strategic direction on which product path to pursue, assistance understanding customers or to need to improve your B2B digital marketing communications, Jane‘s technology skills help you with:

♦ understanding customers ♦ researching markets
♦ reaching customers ♦ developing business strategy

JEM 9 B2B Technology Clients

  • Rapid-growth industry-leading European 3D technology vendor with B2B customers in industrial product design.
  • American manufacturer of data center control systems with Fortune 500 customers in finance, technology and healthcare.
  • Fully-managed enterprise-scale healthcare software platform provider with international customers.
  • SME food manufacturing technology vendor with Irish and UK B2B customers.
  • UK IT Services team with 23,000 users/customers across multiple campuses.
  • Pan-European publicly-traded logistics and supply chain technology provider with customers in manufacturing.
  • Various technology start-ups, including participants in the Irish governmental (LEO) New Frontiers programmes.
  • Various B2B SaaS vendors in fintech, HR tech, and supply chain management.
  • …. more =>  customer testimonials

Sample B2B Technology Clients Needs

Key business challenges that benefit from Jane’s skill include ↓

Which Market Decisions

  • I need a better handle on what our existing customers value most.
  • Which product capabilities should we focus on next?
  • The market is changing so I need to get my leadership team aligned around different priorities.
  • Which market segment should we serve for improved profitability?

In-market Decisions

  • Can we increase pricing? And if so, how do we manage that?
  • Would channel partners help us scale internationally?
  • What do prospective customers need to know before they buy?
  • Our website does a poor job of articulating what we do.
  • It’s time to develop our team’s marketing communication capabilities.
  • How do we grow our sales pipeline?
  • Can we somehow close leads faster?
  • On-board customers is eating up all my sales resources – help!
  • Why is our customer churn so high?

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