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Are you a business leader who would benefit from technology marketing knowledge to position your B2B organization for sustained competitive advantage?

Get professional advice and practical assistance with Jane’s 20 years of B2B international technology marketing management experience.JEM 9 Marketing Consultancy |Photo of Jane Morgan

On the basis of a partnership built on trust, Jane Morgan at JEM 9 Marketing Consultancy works with you over several months to help you better understand and reach customers.

“With Jane’s ability to easily see through layers of fog, her skills in focusing on real customer problems has become legendary … I highly recommend Jane.”

David Smith
VP of Software Engineering

Understanding Customers

Understanding customers lights a fire under your market and business strategy, product development and marketing communications efforts.  Understanding customers warms and informs marketing from the fuzzy front-end of new product/service development, through product launch and beyond to reaching customers.

Market and customer research enlightens the road to profitability by focusing on your product and market context, and on solving real customer problems.

Assignments include:

Reaching Customers – 3Cs

Investing in the right marketing content, channels (the marketing mix of events, email, social media, advertising,  public relations, etc.) and campaigns allows you to reach your B2B customers where they are in the most cost effective way.

JEM 9 B2B Consultancy Marketing Communications Channel Mix

Assignments including consider the marketing content to address information needs of your prospects. Figuring out and producing content to guide and support your prospects through their journey from awareness, to trust, and purchase, to customer retention.  “Digital marketing central”, aka your website, is your single most important marketing communication’s vehicle and a corner stone of your commercial success.

Assignments include scoping and guiding your team to establish marketing communications channels considering your available resources.

Marketing campaigns bring together marketing content and channels for a specific, time-bound purpose such as launching a new product or inspiring customer to move to a new and improved version.

Establishing marketing metrics, including website, email and social media analytics, enable your organization to make informed decisions about what works and focus future resource investment.

JEM 9 Marketing Consultancy Approach

Solving real customer needs is at the heart of great B2B technology marketing.

Jane guides you in developing a winning marketing strategy with customers at the center.  Invest in the right aspects of your business based on your customers, the market context, your business objectives and organizational development stage.

Assignments include:

  • Embedding a team ‘customer first’ culture for sustainable innovation and excellence in marketing practices.
  • Undertaking a strategic review of market strategy including scoping market size, segmentation / product positioning, pricing, go-to-market channels, competitive considerations and marketing communications.

JEM 9 Marketing Consultancy | The Heart Of Marketing

Whether you need strategic direction on which path to pursue, assistance understanding customers or to establish B2B  marketing communications, Jane‘s marketing management consultancy helps you with:

♦ understanding customers

♦ market research

♦ reaching customers

♦ market strategy

JEM 9 Clients

  • SaaS vendors in various B2B technology sectors. Examples fintech, digital publishing, supply chain management, manufacturing process support.
  • High growth, European technology manufacturer with industry-leading 3D technology and clients in industrial design.
  • American manufacturer of data center monitoring and control systems with global customers in finance, technology and healthcare.
  • UK IT Services team with 23,000 users/customers across multiple campuses.
  • Pan-European publicly-traded logistics and supply chain technology provider.
  • Various start-ups, including the Irish Government Local Enterprise Office (LEO) New Frontiers participants.
  • …. more =>   customer testimonials

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