eCommerce Research Chart: Industry benchmark conversion rates for 25 retail categories

An aid to setting targets and bench-marking your eCommerce. Top Product Types For eCommerce 1. Electronics 2. Publishing & Entertainment 3. Business Services Bottom Three Conversion Rates For eCommerce It’s worth noting that even the lowest performing product types are above 5% A. Industrial Equipment B. Food & Beverages c. Toys & Children’s Products Q. What […]

7 Ways to Understand the Market and Customer Without A Budget

Learn how to:– Structuring market research for product management – Questions business leaders, product managers and marketers needs to answer to understand market potential and successfully reach customers. (Presentation from Product Camp Dublin 2013) 7 Ways to Understand the Market and Customer without a Budget Part 1 – ™Structuring Market Research Questions to answer: ‘What’ your […]