Product Management Salary Comparison Ireland Range: €44-180k, average €65k

Your Product Management Salary Compared

As a competent product management professional who delivers results, you want to earn what you deserve.  Here’s guidance on how to compare your product management salary to others, and 19 data sources (in March 2020) on Irish and international product management salary and compensation packages.

A selection of product management job descriptions is also included for reference.

You may also find it useful to consider future needs / gaps;

  • What skills / capabilities will your organization need next?
  • What skills do you need to reach the next level?
  • Beyond salary, what features or flexibility might your total compensation package be missing?

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Salary Range For Product Management Professionals in Ireland

  • €48,000 – €180,000 :  Range of Product Management Salary Ireland
  • Typical Job Title For Lower End of Range: ‘Product Owner’ or ‘Product Manager’.
  • Typical Job Titles For Higher End of The Range: ‘Product Director’ or ‘Head of Product Management’

Average Salaries for Product Managers in Ireland

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  • €57,632 Source: Payscale
  • €60,000 Source: Indeed Ireland, Neuvoo Ireland, & Morgan McKinsey, Ireland
  • €62,113 Source: Glass Door Dublin
  • €65,000 Source: LinkedIn Dublin 2019
  • €72,000 Source: Pragmatic Marketing 2017 (currency conversion March ’18)
  • €81,000 Source: Pragmatic Marketing 2018 (currency conversion July ’18)

Averages are prone to very high and very low outliers skewing the average. Therefore a range can be more useful to give a sense of the high and low end.

How To Compare Your Product Management Salary

As with feature comparison in product competitive analysis, compare your salary to others in similar situations.  Factors affecting product management salary include:

  • Macro Economic Environment
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Organizational Factors
  • Responsibility, Skills & Seniority

Jump to the: List Of Data Sources For Product Management Salaries

  • Macro Economic Environment

The backdrop against which you were originally hired plays a significant role in many people’s salary.  Do your best to ensure that your basic salary (and that of your teams) are regularly benchmarked against the current local market conditions.

  • Location

Dublin is typically better paid (and more expensive to live in) than the rest of the country.  BrightWater has the best information on Dublin versus ‘the rest’.  The flip side of this is: you may be a ‘rare and precious commodity’ in your locale.  As a product manager you already understand the need to consider your personal income and the expenditure together to determine profitability.

The difference between Dublin and regional salaries for product management roles is ~€5,000 to €10,000.

  • Industry

Different industry sectors command different salaries.  Financial services professionals are typically at the top of the range. Whatever the industry compare your product management role to others within your industry.

Few product management roles require domain expertise:  exceptions include the pharma industry.  A discussion of senior product leaders concluded that ~80% of roles have no requirement for domain expertise (despite what the job description may says).  If this comes up as a barrier for you, ask about it  and consider how your capabilities/knowledge might apply.  It’s much harder to teach soft skills, such as adaptability and customer empathy, than for new hires to gain domain expertise.

  • Organization

Both organizational culture, size and product management maturity, i.e. a market / customer-centric perspective, heavily influence the product management role.

Organizational culture leads to an appreciation of some skills over others.  Engineering-led companies understand the value and contribution of engineering: ‘the best technology will win in the market place’.  Sales-led may mean ‘the prospect who might buy tomorrow is always right’.  Customer / market-centric organizations lean towards valuing diverse contributions from those who understand customers.

=> Great organizations balance these competing factors well.

Organizational size means an established multinational corporation, with mature product management processes, offers you a different experience compared to a high grow export-led SME, focused on learning about new markets / needs, to a bootstrapped startup, where you’ll be front and central, and often alone.

Due to the great variety in product complexity and maturity, product management is often expressed as a ratio relative to the rest of product development team.  Examples include:

Smaller organizations often have product management as one responsibility within a broader role.  In these shared roles other responsibilities include; project management, product marketing, technical writing, QA/testing, channel management/sales, and marketing communications.  Some knowledge of these aspects of product and market development are valuable to everyone in product management.

  • Responsibility, Skills & Seniority

As the examples below show even product management roles with the identical title may have a great variety in responsibilities.

The skills, knowledge and connections, you bring to the table are key to your product management salary.  While often expressed in years of experience and formal qualifications, your past achievements and projects are particularly insightful to demonstrate product management competencies including emotional intelligence

Well-established frameworks covering product management competencies include:

In smaller and medium-sized organization external consultants / agencies are often engaged to fill gaps that don’t require a full-time hire.  In larger organizations these functions are typically in adjacent teams.  The smaller the organization the further down the list your responsibilities extend.

  • A broad set of skills is more valuable to smaller organizations.
  • Depth / specialization is more valuable in larger organizations.
Seniority In Product Management

More senior people will be involved with deciding strategy, based on understanding market and innovation opportunities, and scoping where to expend resources for financial return.  They have oversight of the entire product life-cycle and product portfolio, and need the ability to work across the entire organization, as well as lead a core team of product managers.

More revenue and greater geographic reach means you have greater responsibilities, and therefore a greater contribution to the business.

Unlike operational roles product management teams are typically small so team size is not a good salary determinant. (For example, the salary differential for ‘Head of Operations’ is €20k-€30k for those with more than/ less than 100 staff, Brightwater house, 2017).

For senior product management roles the appropriate benchmark may be your peers at the management table, rather than other product management professionals.

Product management as an individual contributor

Less senior people spend more time ‘hands on’ with project or product specific prioritization, implementing ‘voice of the customer‘ during or after product development. Brightwater (2020) shows salary of €40,000 for those with one year of experience.

Sample Product Management Role Descriptions

Example 1 – Head of Product Management Dublin
Industry: Software IT
Location: Dublin City Centre
Experience required: 5 years as a Senior Product Manager.
Salary:  €70,000- €90,000  (accessed March 2018. No doubt this link will expires.)

Example 2 – Head of Product Management Dublin
Industry: <not disclosed> but this role calls for significant technical knowledge in the Software IT space.
Location: Dublin West
Experience required: 10+ years In Product Management (€100 million+ revenue generating), 10+ years of working closely with Software Engineering and Design teams, 7+ years of management experience.

Example  3 – Product Manager
Location: Central Dublin
Industry: <not disclosed>
Salary: €70-75K + Benefits
Overall development, positioning and messaging/communication of global solution for software product development.  Understand customer needs, scope and drive roadmap, execute product management development tasks


  • 5-10 Years Product Management experience within IT
  • Experience in / with software for business
  • Bachelor’s or a master’s degree, preferably in ICT

Data Sources For Product Management Salaries

These varied sources all include information on product management salaries.

International Product Management Salary Data Sources

These sources include Ireland, sometimes as an individual geography, as well as giving more specific indications on what factors increase or decrease average salaries.

  1. Product Focus Salary Survey 2018
  2. Product Management Festival Benchmarks Report 2017
  3. Pragmatic Marketing Annual Product Management Survey
  4. Pragmatic Marketing Product Management Survey 2018
  5. Pragmatic Marketing Product Management Survey 2017
  6. Mind The Product Product Management 2016
Irish Product Management Summary Salary Data Sources

Sourced directly from product management professionals in Ireland this data covers professional who may be a number of years at their current organization/role. In some cases the sample size is small so consider how many respondents are shown: lower numbers are less robust.

Data from these online job aggregators typically provide a range and the average salary.

  1. PayScale Product Manager Ireland
  2. Neuvoo Product Manager Salary Ireland
  3. PayScale Senior Product Manager Ireland
  4. Glass Door Senior Product Manager Ireland
  5. Glass Door Product Manager Dublin
  6. LinkedIn Product Manager Dublin
Irish Salary Surveys Which Include Product Management Roles

Data from recruitment agencies reflect the market value for roles filled in the year quoted.  In some cases product management roles are found under marketing, in others under IT or research.

  1. Brightwater Product Manager 2020
  2. Recruiters Product Management 2020
  3. Indeed dot Com Product Manager Ireland
  4. Indeed Product Manager Belfast
  5. CPL Salary Survey Ireland 2018
  6. CPL Salary Survey Ireland 2017
  7. Morgan McKinsey Salary Ireland 2018
  8. Alternatives with Marketing Institute of Ireland 2017
  9. Morgan McKinsey IT Salary Ireland 2015
  10. BrightWater Salary 2017

Further Resources On Product Management Salary

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