Marketing Technology Landscape

With 3,874 marketing technology solution providers in the most recent version of the marketing technology landscape map, by the ecosystem of providers continues to evolve, and quickly.

Martec By Functional Category

Newly organized into the 5 largest functional categories, this year the generic IT stack underlying much of the landscape has been removed in favour (favor) of a focus on marketing aspects (rather than shared architecture).

The functional categories are:

  1. Advertising & Promotion
  2. Content & Experience
  3. Social & Relationships
  4. Commerce & Sales
  5. Data
  6. Management

Marketing Technology Integration

You will also want to consider how/if  those 6 different areas should play nicely together within your organization.  Integration capabilities continue to improve.

From a process efficiency stand point, one small example is Hootsuite, a social marketing tool, who recently announced integrating with Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft’s Skydrive so you can more easily access existing imagery and other content.

From the point of view of creating an integrated picture tracking customer engagement the customer, there is still a ways to go as:

  • only 18% of organizations reporting integration across marcom channels with insights available,
  • 61% of organization are making good progress, and
  • 21% have poor transparency and siloed information.
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To support developing your marketing capabilities, couple the martec landscape map with these resources:

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