Marketing Consultancy Services

JEM 9 Digital Marketing Logo MiniShort Version: I help business owners and leaders better understand and reach customers to reach your business objectives with a customer-centric view point.  It’s a flexible partnership over several months.

Understanding Customers JEM 9 Digital Marketing Logo Mini

Whether you’re at the fuzzy front end of product development, or planning global launches, there is no better way to improve your marketing than to deepen your understanding of customers.

Understanding customers and markets using qualitative and quantitative marketing research enables you get to the heart of marketing; understanding customers to evolve your business strategy, improve business growth and profitability, develop higher quality offers, and increase customer satisfaction.

Using a market and customer-centric lens ensures a fact-based approached to learning what works, and driving results.  Working together we learn what works for your business exploring existing data such as web analytics, working with your internal stakeholders and talking to real customers.

Jane’s skill in understanding customers comes from sophisticated methods honed during more than a decade in market research and product development, and two decades in the technology industry.

"Jane is full of energy and creativity. She easily assembles data from a variety of sources into targeted information for the business." Dave Smith, Global Software Engineering Manager.

“Many clients are at different levels of sophistication. Jane does a great job at assessing and then providing the right level of services.”

B2C FinTech Client

Jane uses techniques based on MIT research, fine-tuned by the Center for Quality Management, Boston and subjected to industry rigour by technology leaders including Bose, American Power Conversion and GE.

She couples these proven methods with data sources, methods for improving creativity, innovation and change from the Open University, solid project management skills, and a personable approach.

Reaching Customers JEM 9 Digital Marketing Logo Mini

Maybe you’re wondering what sophisticated strategic marketing has to offer your organization?  Perhaps your dealing with digital disruption, or trying to figure out how to scale.

The golden rule to reach customers is => go where the customer is.

Marketing Services - Artec 3D, Daniela Carr, Customer Testimonial. "Jane has a proactive approach, and innovative ways of attracting and retaining customers. She creates a clear and effective strategy, delivers results and is an absolute pleasure to work with."