Marketing Effectiveness: What Gets The Job Done?

Succinct, easily digestible and seriously meaty, this is my favourite favorite chart on marketing communications.  Why?

This chart provides a great overview of what marketing channel you should be using and what you’re letting yourself in.  Because nobody’s resources are a bottomless pit.

Sure the technically correct answer is “it depends”. But that answer ‘nev’r weren’t no use to no-one’.

Luckily for me, it doesn’t wear out with frequency of use!
JEM 9 Marketing Consultancy | MarketSherpa Chart - the most difficult versus the most effective way to reach customers

To be fair the right mix of marketing channel/media and marketing content depends on the business objective, resources and the particular landscape of your market.

Still if I have to pick one chart, this is the one.

To reflect the incredible highly targetted results from paid social and the diversity and volume of people using social media, it does need an update.

Still a goodie though!

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