Using Google Analytics Custom Campaigns: A Resource List

Following on the SMX West analytics talk on Custom Campaign Tracking , here’s the guide on “How To Simplify Manual Campaign Tracking on MarketingLand.

To help marketers and business owners improve their understanding of Return On Investment (ROI) for marketing campaigns the Google+ Google Analytics Team shared the step by step guide.

For those who prefer presentation format, see the SMX West Analytics Talk on the same subject.

To make presenting campaign data easy there are two tracking dashboards available in the Google Solutions Gallery:

1. All Goals By Marketing Media Dashboard

This dashboard shows which marketing media / channel is driving most goal completions. It covers all marketing media / channels.

It will help you understand what each channel is contributing to your goals. For example should you consider increasing the investment in cpc or social? Includes Adwords, custom campaigns and untagged traffic.

Is there a lot of goal conversion where the medium is “(none)”?

Some of this will be direct traffic, where the person bookmarked or typed in the URL.  For the remainder perhaps it’s time to start using custom campaign tagging to understand from where traffic and, more importantly, goal conversions are coming.

2. Compare Campaigns (Custom & Paid Search) Dashboard

Learn which of your custom and google paid search campaigns is driving the most goal completions, and which has the best goal completion rate.

See which campaign content is driving the most goal completions. And learn which sources and media/channels are performing best.
A great aid to future campaign decision making!

There’s an overview on setting up Google Analytics here.

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