A Customer Journey Mapping Workshop Product Camp Dublin by Jane Morgan at JEM 9 Marketing Consultancy (photos by Andrew Harbourne-Thomas

Customer Journey Mapping Workshop At ProductCamp

Designed to inspire and enable product leaders to use customer journey mapping, this case study summarizes the ProductCamp Dublin workshop on ‘How To Do Customer Journey Mapping’.

Along the way the various elements of an excellent customer journey map are explained.

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Workshop Context

Workshop participants own “voices”, those of product management professionals, provided the input for this customer journey map.  Teams of 3-5 each created a customer journey map.

The objective of the workshop => to create, and learn how to create, customer journey maps using a simple method.

Customer Journey Mapping Workshop ProductCamp
Photos By Andrew Harbourne-Thomas

Many thanks to the workshop participants! (And I hope you’ve all taken a stab at journey mapping.)

How To Read The ProductCamp Customer Journey Map

Identifying The Journey – Journey Statement

The map depicts the journey of product leaders from awareness of ProductCamp Dublin to registration with ‘awareness’ on the far left, and registration on the far right.

The first step at the workshop was to identify the overarching customer need; why attend ProductCamp.

Customer Journey Mapping Workshop At ProductCamp - Identifying The Journey To Map

Identifying Information Needs – Journey Phases

As prospects consider your offering, in this case “should I attend ProductCamp?“, various questions and information needs emerge.

So the workshop participants considered what questions and information they needed before registering for ProductCamp?  Each team considered, then mapped their information needs, approximately in sequence, across the top of the page.

Customer Journey Mapping Workshop Product Camp - Exploring Journey Phases

Later comparing the maps, I discovered the teams answered the same questions but followed a varied route from awareness to registration. Therefore overall the sequence of questions addressed is not distinct.

This is an example of how understanding customers is iterative. Your perspective evolves as you learn.

In the final digital write up the ProductCamp Journey map “information needs” are laid out (in blue) across the journey.

Customer Journey Mapping ProductCamp - Journey Phases Excerpts

Journey Touchpoints To Registration

Participants wrote up their individual actions and thoughts undertakCustomer Journey Mapping Workshop Product Camp Sample Touchpointen on the journey to ProductCamp registration.  Many include ways participants ‘touch’ ProductCamp.  Other influential interactions are also included.

(The post-it notes used in the workshop are green. The final version uses a more legibile grey.)

Mapping Touchpoints To The ProductCamp Registration Journey

Customer Journey Mapping Workshop ProductCamp - Information Needs Aligned To TouchpointsEach touchpoint is aligned directly below the information need addressed. Where participants included it, there is an emotion noted on the touchpoint.  I later decided to extrapolate the communication channel from the touchpoint text.

During the workshop touchpoints were organized with positive emotions at the top, negative experiences towards the bottom.   With 25+ workshop participants the resulting customer journey map was likely representative of how most ProductCamp participants experience the journey to registration.

It turns out many experiences were positive; hurrah!

ProductCamp Journey Insights

It’s great that the journey from awareness to registration is a positive experience.  But it’s not insightful; we’re looking for improvement opportunities.

As we discussed in the workshop, reorganizing your data can uncover a different story, providing different learnings. There are examples in the slideshare (below).

Looking at the data, a story about ProductCamp communication channels emerged;

  • 1 to 1 non-scalable communication (green symbols)  e.g. talking to a colleague, versus
  • 1 to many scalable (blue symbols) such as the ProductCamp emails

Structure Of The ProductCamp Workshop

Feel free to download and tweak for your own purposes.


Journey Of Product Management Professionals From Awareness of ProductCamp Dublin To Registration.


Customer Journey Map - From The Product Camp Workshop

  • click on the image for the full sized pdf
  • print using ‘poster’ format

I hope this inspires you to incorporate customer journey mapping in your repertoire of skills for understanding customers.

Have you tried running your own workshop yet?

Here are further examples of inspirational customer journey maps.
All questions and feedback welcome!

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