Customer Journey Mapping Framework at 3XE Digital Workshop

Customer Journey Mapping Workshop at 3XE Digital

At 3XE Digital the goal is to educate and promote forward thinking and thought leadership. With customer love, dear to her heart, Jane choose a Valentine’s Day theme to the 3XE Customer Journey Mappping Workshop.

All too often we fall in love with our solution (or preferred marketing media), losing customers on the winding road from awareness to purchase.

The emphasis in this fun, hands-on workshop was on “work”, not shop. (Aerosmith’s take on love almost made an appearance).


Attendees learnt how to scope a framework for representing the customer journey.  Weaving together customer questions (which is the most important element to investigate and learn about), cross-channel touchpoints and marketing content, customer journey mapping aids:

  • planning campaigns
  • bringing teams together
  • scoping skills /resource investment
  • formulating KPIs
  • identifying gaps in understanding of customers.

In short, it raises your strategic marketing game.

Hi Jane,
Thanks a million for your contribution last Thursday at 3XE.
It would appear that you are the talk of the conference! Your workshop went down a bomb!
So, thanks a million for that.

Anthony Quigley
Founder & Director at 3XE Digital Marketing Conference

Here are the slides:

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About Jane Morgan

With 20 years high-tech marketing & product development experience from Boston to Billund, Berlin to Bangalore, Jane has managed teams and tech products with millions of installs, and millions of revenue (annually). She's researched and developed marketing strategy for global markets, and established the blueprint for product & marketing strategy in many new teams. And she's generated leads worth $xxx,xxx (six figures). A freak in the high tech business: Jane studied marketing (she also holds qualifications in German, sociology and environment systems thinking). As an intrapreneur turned entrepreneur, she changed vowels in 2014 and founded JEM 9 Marketing Consultancy. Today she works with CEOs, founders & marketing leaders to assist them in understanding and reaching customers. Speaker on market research and product management. Extensive international experience (primarily US, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, and India). (And she wishes there were paragraph breaks in this.)