Inspiring Customer Journey Map Examples

Inspirational Customer Journey Maps

Customer journey mapping uncovers the myriad of ways customers touch; your people, your processes, your marketing content.  And, as with anything new, getting started is easier when you have a sense of what the outcome’s like.

Maybe you’re looking for examples to introduce the idea of customer journey mapping to your team (or even your boss)? Perhaps you just want to get a sense of it yourself.

And what do excellent, grounded, inspirational customer journey map examples look like anyway?  (Phew that’s a lot of superlatives!)

  • Grounded meaning; keep it real, make clear.
  • Inspirational meaning; stimulating and creative, and also practical. For each map a ‘be inspired’ section is included.
  • You be the judge of excellence!

Imagine how these examples will enrich your B2B and B2C journey maps.

Customer Journey Maps Examples

Customer Persona -> The Customer Journey Mapped

B2C An American in Europe – The Journey From Researching Destinations To Using Rail

With lots of details, this B2C customer journey map from Adaptive Path is professionally designed with lots of detail.

Structured with the customer journey phases clearly mapped across the top, the map starts with ‘research’ and continues until the customer is safely home. A reminder to think comprehensively through to the journey’s natural end.

Guiding principles summarize key takeaways. (But don’t expect to identify these until you are finalising your journey map.)

Thinking, doing and feeling provide rich insight into a multidimensional experience.  The map depicts a core challenge for today’s business leaders and marketers; frequently the journey to purchase is not linear.  This map moves beyond acknowledging the ‘as is’ situation and looks at areas for improvement as noted under the ‘opportunities’ section.

The customer persona is lacking some detail.  Different age groups and budgets likely have different needs.

This depiction is difficult to read on screen; a reminder to ensure your map is easy to share and read (for a larger version click the image).  As a strategic marketing document it should be easily accessible for your whole team.

Example Customer Journey Map by Adaptive Path - An American In Europe,, Rail Journey
Example Customer Journey Map by Adaptive Path – An American In Europe, Rail Journey (click for a larger version)

Be Inspired By:

  • customized phase names from ‘booking’ to ‘post-travel’.
  • immediately recognizable touchpoint symbols negate the need for a legend.
  • overriding ‘guiding principles’: what concepts add core context to your customers’ journey?

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B2B Marketing Professional – The Journey To Attending A Virtual Conference (On The Way To Subscription Renewal)

Above all customer journey maps provide a visual of the customers’ experience.  Most like this one from Solutions Through Research depict a flow from left to right but with date stamps.

In our multichannel communication world, this example includes actual communication touchpoints from email, social media, technical support, and the core productivity tool of every professional -> the calendar.  There is no loss of context.

Actions are included in yellow line call outs. Overall emotion (brand happiness) is mapped through the journey with individual emotions augmenting individual touchpoints (hopeful, thoughtful, frustrated, etc).  The core long term business outcome (resubscribe) is front depicted by the green block.

A huge amount of qualitative detail is easily communicated.

Example Customer Journey Map by Solutions Through Research. B2B Marketing Professional -> The Customer Journey To Attend A Virtual Conference Attendance (& Resubscribe To A Marketing Resource Platform)
Example Customer Journey Map – A Marketing Professional’s Journey To Online Conference (click for a larger version)


Be Inspired By:

  • the ‘brand happiness’ metric. Can you include your Net Promoter Score or similar at each point through the customer journey?
  • the communication examples.  Show actual examples of customer touchpoints.
  • the presentation. I absolutely love Amy’s communication: details without compromises. Click through the slides below to experience this communication joy.

Side note:  The primary cause of ‘Death by PowerPoint’ in my opinion/experience is:

  • between the keyboard and the chair, and
  • those who erroneously believe presentations = reports.

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B2C Young Family – The Journey To Health Insurance Purchase

In marketing everything starts with understanding customers. This map from Heart of the Customer make the customer persona front and central. Don’t assume everyone is familar with your marketing / product development speak.

Questions are explict, and different at each stage.

Each channel is clearly depicted in it’s own row.  Both formal and informal channels, only some of which the company controls, are included.  I love this: so close to the real world.

Tell a rich story. But tell the right story. Qualitative data puts meat on the bones. And helps you decide where to focus.

Example Customer Journey - B2C Young Family Customer Journey to Health Insurance Purchase by 'Heart Of The Customer'r'
Example Customer Journey by ‘Heart Of The Customer’ – A Young Family’s Journey to Health Insurance Purchase (click for larger version)

Be Inspired By:

  • inclusion of the customer persona for shared understanding.
  • satisfaction at each touchpoint. What existing organizational metrics can you incorporate? Ground your new customer journey in the existing organizational narrative.
  • qualitative data to tell the right story.

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B2B ProductCamp Participant – The Customer Journey From Awareness Through To Event Registration

Journey mapping typically starts with assembling knowledge from a variety of data sources.  Nothing beats listening to and observing customers. And in this example from ProductCamp participants contributed their personal experience of the journey from awareness to registration.

Involving multiple functions ensures individual touchpoints are covered.  Marketing paves the road as prospects refine understanding of the problem, and explore alternative solution routes.  Sales are intimate with detailed scoping questions and addressing specific concerns. Technical support typically assist those who’ve landed in a ditch. 🙁

Whether exploring how pre-sales or existing customers interact with your teams, processes and solutions, working across multiple channels / functions helps identify key transition points where customers can get lost “off road”(noted here in red diamonds).  Anticipate what process bumps and information pot holes exist and fix them.

Example Customer Journey Map compiled by Jane at JEM 9 Marketing Consultancy based on input from the participants at ProductCamp Dublin who mapped their journey to event registration.
Example Customer Journey Map Compiled by Jane At JEM 9 Marketing Consultancy – ProductCamp Participants’ Journey From Awareness To Registration (click for a larger version)

Be Inspired By:

  • simple effective layout in PowerPoint.
  • separating communication channels into what you can and cannot control.
  • highlighting transition points where there’s a risk of losing prospects.

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Bonus Customer Journey Examples!

Joyce Hostyn of Designing Change has some great examples of customer journey maps  including an interesting format from Lego called the “customer experience wheel”.  Be inspired to design a “WOW” moment.

Have you come across inspiring customer journey mapping examples?

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Here’s more an example on the nitty, gritty of reading customer journey maps and scoping customer journey workshops.

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