Branding 101

What is branding?

Collectively the aspects below make up the personality of your brand. It takes time and research to figure how ‘who you want to be when you grow up’.  Then it takes consistency and planning to align your organization around your brand identity.

Branding is made up of:

  • Visual: colour, style and font/type.  This is the easiest aspect about which to be consistent.
  • Text: company names, tag line, product names and positioning,  and the overall ‘tone of voice’ you use.
  • Values: how you approach the market and managing the company?

Brand Market Positioning

Core components to figure out your branding start with looking outwards to understand customers and your market space.  Positioning is at the level of; your company, (potentially also division), product line or product.  Looking at what current approach is a straight-forward way to start.

  • How you wish to position yourself relative to alternative solutions in your market space?
  • How you interact with customers, service partners, and suppliers, and where do you invest time and resources internally?
  • Do you lead with partnership and cooperation, technical sophistication or reliability?  All of these things are important but where do you invest most effort/resources.
  • What is other aspect are different about your organization (and therefore your offer) compared to competitors?
  • If your best / ideal customers, gave you a fantastic complement, what would it be?

Branding Choices

Having considered the external factors and how your currently approach the market, it’s time to ask yourself?

  • What aligns with your current capabilities and ambition?
  • What’s ‘feels’ appropriate for your positioning choices? Causal versus formal, scientific versus accessible, fun versus serious.
  • Do you favour: “Just Do It”, or should it “first time, every time”?

Together these factors underpinning all three items of branding; text, visual and values, wrapping your personality, tone and guiding principles together.

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