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What Content Do Your B2B Prospects Want?

  • 6 content marketing facts
  • 9 straight forward B2B content marketing consideration

Knowledge on the type, timing and delivery of content your prospects want through the customer journey, continues to improve.  But let’s step away from the ‘marketing speak’ for a minute with a quick reminder.

Reminder: the goal of your marketing content is to provide prospects with useful information so they can choose the right solution for their situation.

Here are 6 facts from three respected studies and 9 straight forward considerations for your B2B content marketing .

For those with internal information available,  use these three studies to benchmark your efforts.
The Content Marketing Institute together with MarketingProfs have released the 2017 B2B Content Marketing Report.  The core marketing objectives of B2B marketing professional are:
  1. Lead Generation
  2. Brand Awareness
  3. Engagement
  4. Lead Nurturing

No great surprises there!

3 Considerations For All B2B Marketing Content

1.  70% of respondents expecting to produce more B2B marketing content in 2017 than they have during 2016.

  •  => Consider your mix of spend on content / collateral versus communication / dissemination?

2.  B2B marketers are reducing the variety of content types (whitepapers, blogs, video, etc) they produce from 13 down to 8.

  • => Consider if you need to double down on a few select content types?
  • => Is there a type of content your customer persona favours (or favors)?
  • => What type of content is your organization good at producing?

3.  71% of B2B marketers consider how their content impacts the overall experience a person has with their organization.

  • => Consider what content your prospects needs through the customer journey from awareness to conversion?

Considerations For IT B2B Marketing Content

If IT / technology decision-makers at large organizations (~13,000 employees) are your target customer, then both the IDG’s research and Arketi Group 3 Generational Study on content types and usage through the customer journey will be of interest.

4. Third party product testing/reviews/opinions topped the list of content types that IT pros rely on.  With product demos and literature in second place, company generated content continues to play a strong role in answering prospects queries.

  • Consider: => What is the mix of in-house versus third party content available for your prospects?

5.  Your prospects are focused on their particular set of circumstances. 62% want additional information about the content they already have from you.  45% want industry specific info.

  • Consider: => What additional content is appropriate for specific customer personas?

6.  Follow-up calls by uninformed sales reps are considered “poisonous” to the sale (a little scary to say the least).

  • Consider: => What information is available to the sales team about individual prospects?
  • Consider: => Does your CRM or marketing automation tool show which content your prospect has already received, opened and engaged with (e.g. clicked-through)?

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