1 Minute Market Research Tips

Take a minute to improve your understanding of customers. A series of market research tips that take one minute to explain or use. Google Trends – see what’s words your prospects are using in global or national searches with Google Trends.  Remember to select the correct geography.  The trending section has two option: rising and […]

A series of heart shaped papers containing the voices of team members who participated in voice of the customer (VoC) research.

What Teams Appreciate About ‘VoC’ Research

How do you establish shared, customer-centric motivation in your teams? Group IQ is the ability of teams to perform well.  Groups with high emotional intelligence outperform those with high cognitive abilities (Goleman). Harmonious groups try harder and pull together.  Shared motivation provides the ‘pull’ in the same direction.  So how do leaders establish shared, customer-centric […]