Salary For Product Management Professionals

As a competent product management professional who delivers results, you want to earn what you deserve.  To successfully get your fair share, the first step is deciding to ask. This article equips you with what to ask for in product management salary negotiations, and guidance on how to compare your contribution / situation to others.   Included are […]

A series of heart shaped papers containing the voices of team members who participated in voice of the customer (VoC) research.

What Teams Appreciate About ‘VoC’ Research

How do you establish shared, customer-centric motivation in your teams? Group IQ is the ability of teams to perform well.  Groups with high emotional intelligence outperform those with high cognitive abilities (Goleman). Harmonious groups try harder and pull together.  Shared motivation provides the ‘pull’ in the same direction.  So how do leaders establish shared, customer-centric […]

Photo of Workshop To Get Team Started With Customer Journey Mapping

How To Get Your Team Started With Customer Journey Mapping

For some organizations the core objective of customer journey mapping is to reduce the loss of prospects.  For others, the goal is to start understanding the experience of prospects and customers who are trying to navigate your organization.  For those responsible for product and service development, it’s about uncovering opportunities to serve customers better. In […]

JEM 9 Marketing Consultancy Discussion Guide Template Word Cloud Discussion Topics

Voice of the Customer – How To Develop A Discussion Guide

In order to understand customers, voice of the customer projects undertakes to speak to actual customers!  A discussion guide focuses the conversation on key topics about which you want to learn. Based on internal stakeholder interviews, and existing internal and external data sources, a discussion guide provides the framework for what you need to learn […]